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We are Vitex Solutions

In the year 2016, Vitex began its journey as an industrial cleaning company. Through dedicated work and a commitment to excellence, we fostered valuable connections within various industries. It was during this time that we seized an opportunity that would redefine our path.

We acquired a specialised irrigation company, recognising its potential to expand into the realm of backup water solutions. With a vision to address the pressing need for reliable water security, we embarked on a transformative journey.

Since 2020, Vitex has focused exclusively on backup water systems, steadily growing and evolving our company. Our commitment to delivering dependable water solutions has been unwavering.

The name "Vitex" holds significance for us. It's derived from a plant species, a nod to the natural world. This choice is a reflection of our co-founder's passion; she is a Botanist who appreciates the beauty and resilience of plant life. In this spirit, Vitex Solutions was born—a name that embodies our dedication to sustainability, growth, and the unexpected.

Today, we stand as a trusted name in Gauteng, South Africa, offering customised backup water systems, borehole drilling, and water divining services. Our journey continues, fuelled by our commitment to integrity, environmental responsibility, and ensuring uninterrupted water supply for our valued clients.

Thank you for considering Vitex Solutions as your partner in water security.

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